All packages we recommend a minimum commitment of 3 months to develop growth and engagement across all social media platforms.

All added extras are an additional charge and are not included within the packages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Social Media help me?

Social media is the best way to build a personal brand for your business. It allows you to be fun, quirky and interactive. It also helps build trust for your business. A business with a professional website plus an active social media presence is more likely to be trusted than one without.

How do I succeed in building my personal brand  through Social Media? 

The biggest piece of advise in building your personal brand is to create a strategy that is built around your individual goals and your brand personality. To achieve this you need to consistently engage with your audience that leads to an action.

How long to people spend on social media everyday?

Most adults spend between 2 hours on social media each day and youth spending double this! It is vital for your businesses to reach your target market.

How do I succeed in Social Media Marketing?

The main factor to your success is to consistently engaging with your audience and regularly posting to your accounts

What content do I post?

This really is a personal thing which depends on which platform you are using and who is your target audience. Using visually attractive content is important whether you use Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. You should vary your content between photos, videos and sharing website content such as blogs to prevent your audience from getting bored with the same type of posts all the time.

Why Social Posting Hub?

You will get a dedicated social media manager with several years experience in growing your social profiles through a content strategy plan. Your manager are “in the know” with the latest social media algorithms and strategies to get you results. We target your ideal customer, getting the best return on your investment (ROI). How we can help you:

  • Set goals for social media activities and determine the best platforms
  • Unique content that engages with your audience
  • Increase your engagement and grow your audience

Do we provide you with the content for you Social Media Accounts?

We encourage the client to provide as much content and imagery as possible. However, in absence of this we can create content based on the clients website or information pack/guidelines.

Do you guarantee an increase in followers or likes?

We guarantee that there will an increase in followers/likes through your social media marketing campaign. But if you really want to boost this we would recommend you to buy ‘Paid Ads’, then you will see a large increase in new followers. However, as we pride ourselves on providing organic reach and engagement this can fluctuate month on month.

Am I locked into a contract?

In order to see results, we feel the best way is to stay with us is for the recommended time as seen on our packages. As we gain followers/engagement etc. Organically, it can take a few months to really see the outcomes of your social media campaign. We can provide a monthly report in order for you to monitor your social engagement.

Do you offer custom packages?

We believe our packages reflect the ideal strategy for each business and are tailored as such, in order to see the desired outcomes and do not offer bespoke packages as a result of this.  But if you feel your company requires a unique approach. Please get in contact so we can discuss a custom approach.